Are the checks real?
Unfortunately, the Bank of Obama exists only in our imaginations and no real transfer of funds takes place.

How long does it take to receive a check in the mail?
All paper checks are processed within 24 hours.  Depending on location, expect your check to arrive in 5 - 7 business days. Framed and plaque checks take approximately 2-3 weeks to make and will be shipped immediately after. Please see our shipping policy for more information.

How much do the checks cost?
Paper Checks sent in the mail are $4.99. You can send an unlimited number of virtual checks for free.

Do you collect sales tax?
Sales tax is charged at 8.25% for all paper, framed, and plaque checks shipped to Texas.

Can I order more than one check at a time?
Not yet.  Currently, if you would like to order more than one check, you'll need to repeat the process, starting from the homepage.

Can I set a date to send an electronic check?
Currently, all electronic checks are automatically sent a few minutes after shipping instruction is provided.  

Will my email and conctact information be used in any other way other than for Bank of Obama services?
No, absolutely not.  

I'm not sure if my check is in the mail?  Who do I contact?
Depending on location, expect your check to arrive in 5 - 7 business days after processing. Please allow this time to pass before contacting us about a missing check.  You can contact us at contact at bankofobama.org if you think your check is lost.  

How do I know if a friend received their electronic check?
From the funny email they are sure to write back!  Actually, the process is automated.  You should assume check was sent minutes after it was requested.  You can also view an electronic version of the check by clicking the link provided in the Thank You email we sent you.  

I never received my virtual check. What could be wrong?
Please make sure you do not use the same email in both the To and From fields. This causes most email systems to treat the message as spam and possibly not deliver it to any folder.

What is your return policy?
Sorry, due to the personalized nature of our product, we cannot accept any returns or refunds.

Do you ship internationally? 
Currently, we ship paper checks within the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  Framed and plaque checks can only be sent within the United States. However, merchandise from our store in Cafepress may be shipped to most countries worldwide.  Please send an email to support at bankofobama.org if you would like to be notified when shipping checks to more locations is available.

Why is your store hosted in Cafepress?
Cafepress.com is a well established online marketplace for user-generated t-shirts and gifts.  You can expect top quality products and customer service from them.  We use their service because it makes our lives easier.  We design the products.  Cafepress handles the rest.

Where are the paper checks delivered?
It is the purchaser's choice whether they are shipped directly to her or the receiver of the bailout.  They are mailed to the "Ship To" address entered in the Paypal form.

If I purchased a paper check can I send virtual checks for free?
Yes you can. Virtual checks are free!